Tauranga Vege Lasagne


Hello, this is Alys, Simcha’s partner here and I have asked Simcha to let me write the introduction to this recipe.
This recipe was conceived over a period of 24 hours by Simcha whilst we were visiting a friend of mine in
Tauranga. My friend is currently undergoing a strict eating regime which forbids many types of food, including
a surprisingly large amount of vegetables, on the premise that they are incompatible with her blood type.
Being mostly vegetarian, Simcha suggested Aubergine as a basis and during the course of a day although she
was with us in body I could see the spirit was elsewhere as she debated the merits of various ingredients (It
was quite fascinating to watch a ‘foodie’ in full-fledged cognitive reasoning.) The end result was, quite
frankly, superb – one of the yummiest meals I have ever had. While it wasn’t quick to prepare, it was well
worth the effort and wait, and I strongly recommend it.

1 large Aubergine – cut into 1 cm
slices (keep 1 slice for topping)
1 medium onion & 2-3 cloves garlic –
peel and chop fine
Olive oil
Masterfoods ‘All Purpose’ seasoning
3/4 packet instant lasagne sheets
(might be better to cook a bag of
wide frilly-edge lasagne pieces till
just softened, and drain.)
1 large jar Dolmio ‘Tomato & Spinach’
Traditional Bolognaise sauce
About 2/3 of small tin of Edgells
‘Four-Bean’ mix
2 to 3 TBS pine nuts
About 70 gm shaved parmesan –
(Ornelle, from supermarket chiller)
Large handful of Summer Harvest
‘mixed seeds with miso’ – (Pack &
Save, No. 7345)

  • Season slices of Aubergine with ‘All Purpose’ and fry gently in batches in a little olive oil, until golden to medium brown on both sides. As each batch is done, remove and drain on layers of kitchen tissue or brown paper. (This takes a while, but it tastes better if cooked slowly.)
  • Cook onion and garlic in about 2 tsp oil, until golden, then add pine nuts and a little more seasoning and cook till nuts are just coloured. Put aside in pan.
  • Pour hot water over instant lasagne (or take pre-cooked lasagne). Oil an oven-proof dish. Put in one layer of pasta. Then a layer of Aubergine slices over base and sides. Then some beans and some sauce.
  • Put in another layer of pasta, then more aubergine and more beans and sauce, and some flaked cheese.
  • Put in another layer of pasta. Spread the onions, garlic and nuts evenly over it, and then some flaked cheese and sauce.
  • Put on the last layer of pasta, spread with remaining sauce, place reserved slice of Aubergine in the centre, sprinkle on remaining flaked cheese and the miso seeds.
  • Bake at 170 Deg C in a fan oven for about 35-40 min.

Serves 4 with salad. Yummmy…. Simcha

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