Beit Midrash (Hebrew School)

The Temple’s Beit Midrash caters for children from six years upwards and operates from 9.30am to 12 noon every Sunday (except during school holidays and on Jewish holy days).

A family membership is necessary for children to attend the Hebrew School, even if only one parent is actually joining the Congregation.

The school is staffed by volunteer teachers and covers all aspects of Jewish life, including the Hebrew language, history and the festivals and holy days.

Children are prepared for Bar/Bat Mitzvah which both girls and boys celebrate at age 13 with reading from the Torah and leading of the Shabbat service. Individual or small group tuition is available. There is a post “bnei mitzvah” class for those wanting to continue their studies. Some of the older graduates go on to become tutors. Older students and adults can also become Bnei Mitzvah. Children are encouraged to continue their studies with the Rabbi and other teachers until age 16 at which time they receive the status of Kabbalat HaBrit (signifying their confirmation of the covenant at Sinai) on the festival of Shavuot.

Adult Academy

A large number of educational programmes are available for adults – ranging from an academy on Wednesday evening in which an introduction to Judaism course is offered along with several levels of Hebrew. Other classes are also offered depending on congregational requests. There is an active Torah study programme on Shabbat morning before the regular service. Sunday evenings are the time for studies in current Jewish issues and topics at the homes of congregants. One Friday evening a month provides the opportunity for a wide variety of topics after a service and ‘bring-a-plate’ (dairy / milchig only) meal.

Temple Library

The Karo Emmanuel Memorial Library is open for reading and borrowing by members, whenever the Temple is open (which includes most weekdays). It is best to phone first to make sure there is someone in attendance.

There is a self-issue system and books may be borrowed for up to one month. Videos and cassettes are also available.