International Web Sites

There are literally thousands of Jewish places to visit in Cyberspace. Here are some useful ones:

Judaism and Jewish Resources
This is without doubt the single best collection of regularly updated Jewish websites available. If it’s Jewish and it’s on the Internet, it’ll be listed here. Check the “What’s New” section to see the latest additions.

Jewish Communications Network
More of an interactive community than an electronic magazine, JCN is recognised as one of the single best Jewish web sites. Daily Jewish and Israeli news is available, as are magazine-style articles, discussion forums, classified ads, and tongue-in-cheek interactive polls.

World Union for Progressive Judaism
Home page of the Reform movement. From here there are links to the websites of all major branches of Progressive Judaism, in the United States, Israel and the rest of the world. There’s a section on “What is Reform Judaism”, you can take a self-guided tour of Reform Judaism websites, look up on-line responsa, read “Reform Judaism” magazine on-line, and there’s even an “Ask the Rabbi” function. The synagogue arm of Reform Judaism, the UAHC, also have a comprehensive site, with topics as diverse as organ donation, synagogue management, and social action. A new site is the UPJANZA page. The UPJANZA has congregations all around this region, schools in Sydney and Melbourne and Netzer the Progressive Youth Group.

Gal Chadash
Gal Chadash is the e-magazine of the Union of Progressive Judaism, published quarterly.
You can view it here.

Jewish Australia On-Line
This site is a directory to access all aspects of life in Australia’s Jewish communities

Australian Reform Zionist Association
ARZA is the umbrella organization of Progressive Religious Zionists in Australia. ARZA works to stimulate Zionist interest and activities in Progressive communities throughout the country.

Israel Religious Action Centre
Concerned with issues of human equality, social justice, religious tolerance on the basis of progressive Judaism and democracy. Issues which can be pursued on this site include: Religion and State; Who is a Jew? The Right to Marry and many others.

A guide to on-line Torah study resources. Commentaries on the parshat hashavua, interactive study sites, subscription lists, Torah-related and Jewish Distance Learning resources – you name it, it’s here. There are no excuses for being an am ha-aretz anymore thanks to the Internet!

Conversion to Judaism
Dr Lawrence Epstein’s invaluable resource for those interested in conversion to Judaism. It presents basic information about the process, plus direct e-mail links to more than 80 Rabbis who can help potential converts.

Davka Corporation
The premier Jewish computer software company. You can buy Hebrew word processing programs, the entire Talmud on CD-ROM, Jewish graphics, Hebrew-language instruction programs, and children’s games. On-line ordering is available.

The International Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies Arad, Israel.

Jewish Music
Cantorial, Yiddish, Shlock Rock, Israeli pop, Klezmer…all varieties of Jewish music are available for on-line ordering here. You can listen to selections from albums via RealAudio before deciding if you want to buy, which is a tremendous feature. If it had been available last year, Bruce could have avoided buying those tapes of Jewish Bluegrass music!

Jewish Magazine
Largest and most popular Independent Jewish resource guide on the Internet.