Jewish Wellington

In the 1996 census the Wellington regional population is shown as 414,000, or 11.2% of the New Zealand total. Of this, 152,100 residents were in Wellington City, and 151,500 within the Wellington Urban Zone. The total Jewish population of Wellington is estimated to be about 1,300.

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, has two Jewish congregations. The other one (traditional Orthodox) is the Wellington Hebrew Congregation (founded in 1843) which is affiliated to the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth. The facilities available at the Wellington Jewish Community Centre (other than the synagogue) in Webb Street are available to all the Jewish community regardless of affiliation. Visitors to Wellington, one of the world’s most remote Jewish communities, are surprised to find two synagogues, a Jewish kindergarten and day school (Moriah College), a kosher food shop, a wide range of active communal activities and a modern community centre.

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