Kabbalat Mitzvah (conversion)

The incidence of people choosing to become Jewish is increasing worldwide, and New Zealand is no exception. Temple Sinai is always ready to assist interested persons to explore the possibility of making such a choice. A special education programme exists for this purpose. As we see it, a major benefit of conversion is a reduction in the incidence of mixed marriages and mixed families. If individuals express an interest in conversion to Judaism they are interviewed and, if it is decided to proceed further, they are given a study programme to follow and a knowledgeable Temple member is assigned to assist them. Following completion of this comprehensive formal study programme (which takes a minimum of 12 months), which includes attendance at services, the candidate often knows as much or more about Judaism than many who were born into the religion. At this stage there is an interview conducted by a Rabbi and at least two senior congregational representatives of the Temple. A candidate who shows both a satisfactory knowledge of Judaism and a sincere commitment to the Jewish people is then accepted for conversion.

When the conversion requirements have been met, the newly converted Jew is regarded in Progressive Judaism, and accepted in the Progressive community, as fully Jewish.