New Members

The Temple welcomes new members. As indicated in our values statement, we encourage inclusiveness, subject to meeting the criteria for Jewish identification (see below). We enjoy diversity and we are proud of the warm welcoming atmosphere generated by our members. Application forms are available in the Temple foyer or from the Secretary at the Temple office. If you are uncertain about eligibility please feel free to contact a Board member. If you meet the criteria but feel you don’t have much religious knowledge, the Temple has a number of adult education classes to meet your needs.

Our congregation is made up of many people, local and distant – the only thing constant is change! We have a growing but ever changing membership; this is our strength and our future.

We have various categories of membership covering families, students, singles, country, and honoured members, so please talk to us about being a member and supporting the Temple in this way. We also have a diverse range of activities: educational, recreational, social, spiritual, etc.

The membership committee welcomes your inquiries: membership committee

The Question of Who is a Jew?

It is difficult to address this very major issue here in other than a superficial way. Fundamentally the orthodox (halachic) definition is based on matrilineal descent. One is regarded as Jewish if one’s mother was Jewish (whether by birth or officially recognised conversion). Our congregation goes further and accepts also applicants and children who have a Jewish father but whose mother is not Jewish. At Temple Sinai we accept as Jewish anyone raised in a household where there is one Jewish parent and where the child(ren) have been brought up as Jews through education and involvement in life cycle observances and participation in the holidays.