Temple Sinai offers a number of programmes to serve our members:

  • Our Education programme runs a selection of classes in a Beit Midrash programme for school-age children, an Adult Academy, and the Library.
  • Our Country Members programme looks after the needs of the widely dispersed progressive Jews in the central North Island and the top of the South Island.
  • The Judaica Shop offers religious items and various tzatzkes for sale.
  • The Life Cycle program provides brit milah, bar- or bat-mitzvah, wedding, funeral, and related ceremonies.
  • Our Community Needs programme looks after the social needs of our members, including care for congregants in need.
  • We have a New Members programme for people considering joining our congregation, and a Kabbalat Mitzvah (conversion) programme.
  • We’re proud of our excellent relations with the other religious communities in Wellington through our Ecumenical programme.
  • TheĀ Joe and Eve Major Trust provides partial funding for the tertiary education of members.