Related Organisations

The Australia and New Zealand Union for Progressive Judaism is a regional organisation comprising the Progressive congregations in Australia and New Zealand. It is presently in the process of expanding to include such far-flung communities as Singapore, Bombay, Hong Kong and Fiji. It meets annually to deal with matters of common concern as well as to assist congregations in their programmes. It is a part of the World Union for Progressive Judaism which unites Reform, Liberal, Progressive congregations throughout the world. Currently a sub-region of the ANZUPJ has been started in New Zealand (the NZUPJ) to further the growth of Progressive Judaism in this country.

Zionist Organisations
Zionist groups in Wellington are active in promoting the interests, and a greater understanding, of Israel amongst the community at large. They include: the Wellington Zionist Society (a branch of the New Zealand Zionist Federation); WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organisation); and Habonim Dror (youth group).

Israeli Dance Some 15 Israeli dance groups are active throughout New Zealand. The Wellington group meets on Mondays 6.30pm to 9pm. Queries to Fiona Bayliss (04) 389 8707

Other Wellington-based Organisations
Other active groups in Wellington include: Bnai Brith Lodge; the New Zealand Jewish Council; the Council of Jewish Women; Bnei Akiva youth group; a Philanthropic Society; the Wellington Jewish Care of the Aged Society; the Jewish Students Association; and Friends of the Hebrew University. The Jewish National Fund and the United Israel Appeal are also active.