The Joe and Eve Major Trust

THE JOE AND EVE MAJOR TRUST was established in May 1996, in response to the terms of Eve Major’s will, and made possible by her generous bequest. THE PURPOSE OF THE TRUST is to assist members of Temple Sinai, the Wellington Progressive Jewish Congregation, to undertake the tertiary education of their choice.

November 2017 Application Form
Applications must be received by 4pm on Friday 24 November 2017. Click Application form Nov 2017 for the current form. See bottom of page for contact details.

Chairman’s Report 2016 showing the range of qualifications pursued by applicants in 2015.

AGM 2016 – Chair Report

The Trust Deed

The Joe and Eve major Trust Deed can be downloaded here for your perusal.

Joe and Eve Major were born in Hungary. They came to Wellington, New Zealand, in 1938, to escape Nazi persecution. Their interests were largely cultural and intellectual and they placed great value on education. When Temple Sinai was established in 1958, Joe and Eve were among its earliest, members. They were both regular attenders at Shabbat and Holy Day services, as well as social and educational functions. With no family in New Zealand and having no children, Joe and Eve regarded and valued the members of Temple Sinai as their family. Joe Major was a scientist and on his arrival in New Zealand found work at the DSIR where he did research and edited scientific publications. Eve Major began her working life as a seamstress and later worked in several government departments, progressing to a position of responsibility. Both Joe and Eve were proud of their Hungarian background and were active members of the Wellington Hungarian Club. Joe was an accomplished linguist, with a passion for Esperanto. He had a vision of a universal language as a foundation of universal peace. He and Eve travelled extensively, often to overseas conferences of Esperantists. Joe died in 1993 at the age of 92. Eve died the following year. We owe a debt of gratitude to Eve for her very generous bequest to Temple Sinai and for her provision for this tertiary education trust.


Joe and Eve Major Trust

The late Joe and Eve Major were long-time Temple members and when Eve died, the year after her husband, her will showed that provision had been made for a very generous bequest to the Temple to set up a tertiary education trust.

  • Applications for grants and loans will be called for by the Trustees, by means of publicity in the congregation’s monthly Bulletin. Notices are also sent by email and application forms are available on this website.
  • It is envisaged that grants will be made to assist with tertiary fees. Loans may be considered by the Trustees.
  • Application forms will be available from the Trust’s secretary and from the secretary of Temple Sinai.
  • Each application form must be completed and lodged as requested on the form, Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Applicants may be required for interview by the Trust’s Grants Committee, with a final decision being made by the Trustees.
  • Any grant or loan made must be backed by a guarantor, who will be required to guarantee that the funds will be used for the intended purpose.
  • In the event that a student does not complete a course it will be expected that the funds will be repaid, pro rata, either by the student or the guarantor.
  • Any loan will have its own repayment conditions.
  • It is planned that grants and loans will be announced in December, for payment at an arranged date.
  • Applicants who are also applying for funds from other sources must detail these as requested in the Trust’s application form.
  • The Trustees will report annually to the Congregation and will be elected by the Congregation at the Trust’s annual meeting.
  • Applications for Trust grants for tertiary education are called for by notice in the Bulletin, by email and on this website (home page), and may be made by any Temple members. Please request the Trust’s application form from the Temple Office and return it by the due date. The form must be completed fully and all supporting information appended.

Secretary: Jan Page
P hone: (04) 566 4656