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As the heart of our community, Temple Sinai is a place of warmth, learning, and shared spirituality. We extend a warm greeting to visitors to our virtual home.


Temple Sinai is a small community that employs rabbis for contract periods as we can.  At present, we do not have an ‘in-house’ rabbi.


We do, however, have many experienced members of our community who provide spiritual guidance, run our services, and provide learning and education opportunities to members, including bar and bat mitzvah students.  We also have a consultant rabbi through the Union of Progressive Judaism who visits periodically to provide rabbinical services, including to those completing the conversion process.


Temple Sinai is a vibrant community with many dedicated members who work to ensure our spiritual life, which is particularly important during these times of uncertainty.  We encourage those who want to find out more to contact us.  Our doors are open for services, events, and moments of connection.

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